Pathways’ Commitment

_mg_6634Pathways is not a charity but a movement made up of people that are devoted to steering children toward exploring alternative pathways to success. We are not interested in an assembly line approach to raising children where everyone aspires to the same definition of success that society has prescribed. If a child cannot produce numbers in academics or achieve a certain status in athletics they are deemed unsuccessful. Sadly, society often talks about the value of diversity, but when children cannot live up to a single standard of measurement they are made to feel excluded and often become disengaged. Children begin to settle for less because they are made to feel they cannot compete or ever be “good enough.”

Pathways is interested in your child for who they are and are devoted to helping them bring out the best in themselves. We build programs that help children explore the passions inside of them so they can find the gifts that truly make them exceptional. We value differences that make children unique. The key to success is to give children the skills to listen to their own voice and passions, take advantage of every opportunity to progress and grow, and to realize the empowerment that comes from maximizing their own potential and helping others to do the same. As parents, Pathways will challenge you to have the courage to get off the assembly line, listen to your child, and explore how to help him/her find their own unique definition of success and fulfillment.