Take the Challenge!

haitiAre you the type of person that wants to push beyond your comfort zone and to try to accomplish what others see as impossible?  Pathways believes that the youth of today will be our leaders for tomorrow. Therefore, we invest in helping children become more extraordinary than they ever imagined! We help children take on challenges that will strengthen youth leadership and improve the lives of children of all abilities wherever we go.  Here are some ideas youth can get involved in:

  • Do you have an idea for a new program?  Most of Pathways’ programs were started by youth that had a passion and want to share it with others.  Pathways will help you get a program started so you can lead the way in teaching and helping others!
  • In 2016, a group of students of all abilities came to Pathways with the dream of going to Haiti to build a school. It was a dream that took everything we had to make it happen! We raised $30,000 in 7 months and went to Haiti for 9 days. We lived with the villagers and worked along side them to build the first school in their community!  We work to make what seems impossible a reality because we believe in the power of our youth!
  • Some students are activists and want to take on a cause of their own, but do not know how to get started. Pathways can help you! We have taken students to Trenton to speak in front of senators, NJ State Board of Education, and the Commissioner of Education.
  • Some students came to us with special events they wanted to start. They have started community events and fundraisers that have helped Pathways and other organizations.

There are many things you can do to get involved in Pathways. You can start a new program, design a special event, or take on a cause you believe in. You can lead whatever you are passionate about!

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