Make a True Difference

Provide Employment Training

Do you want to sponsor a student to train in the work place? Do you want to take on an active role in making the workforce a more inspiring and inclusive place? Your company can make a true difference by employing and/or giving one of our students an opportunity to visit and get to know your business.

shopriteAll students go through a rigorous employment training program so they are equipped with appropriate customer service, money management, and work ethic skills. Most importantly, they will prove to be some of the most motivated, dedicated, and invested employees you will ever have on your staff. It is truly an honor to work with them and participate in their journey toward mastery of skills and ultimately paid employment. A trained job coach also accompanies the Pathways student, so that they will have assistance and coaching as they learn the responsibilities in your business.

Not only will their presence make a difference in workplace culture, but it will also inspire other employees. This will give you an opportunity to add value to both the student as well as your company.

Our goal is to equip students to reach independent paid employment by the time they graduate from high school. If your company is interested in getting involved, contact Anna Chianese, Program Coordinator at to discuss the process and begin making a difference in a child’s life today!

Ready to start the journey toward hiring a Pathways student?
Email Anna Chianese, Program Coordinator at