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Our 15th Anniversary Celebration Needs Your Support!

haiti_concertIs your business looking for a way to give back to the community while at the same time, expanding the brand of your business or organization? Sponsoring Pathways events is a great way to accomplish both of these goals and is a win-win for everyone!

During 2017, Pathways will be celebrating our 15th anniversary. We will be having some very special events and programs in the community that will offer opportunities for sponsors to invest in improving the lives of children!

Businesses can become gold, silver, or bronze supporters of Pathways fundraisers, concerts, and public events that attract over 400-800 people per event from Montville Township and surrounding communities. It is a great way to network with thousands of families across the state, which certainly increases the influence of your business and gives you a place in the conversation of inspiring youth to strive toward a more inclusive world. In addition, some of our sponsorship opportunities give your business a chance to be featured on our homepage and our social media so that online traffic sees your support. Your support helps us to offer programs and opportunities that bring out the best in every child!

Our sponsorship opportunities for 2017 will be posted by November 1, 2016. If you would like more information and want to join the Pathways team in making a difference for children, contact Melinda Jennis, President directly at mjennis@pathwayskids.org. You can also click below to give us your information and we will contact you for a chance to sponsor our 15th Anniversary celebration!

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