Getting Started

mentorguidebook5Pathways has trained over 30,000 children to be mentors all over New Jersey. The program is a formalized workshop scheduled through Pathways that centers around the “children teaching children” model and is meant to educate and prepare children to be mentors or role models for inclusion.

The training is designed to be interactive and to help prospective mentors learn to effectively problem solve and gain the tools they will need to guide them through various challenges they may experience while mentoring. It offers direction and understanding on how to appropriately assist and befriend a child that may have poor eye contact, inappropriate behaviors, hyperactivity, developmental delays, physical disabilities, anxiety, or just need extra support to build self-confidence.

Mentors participate in five workstations that simulate certain disabilities specifically geared toward producing empathy and more of a personal understanding. Moreover, the training helps children focus on the abilities every individual may have. The mentor training can be used as a sensitivity training for entire grade levels or for smaller groups that may be assigned as mentors for specific programs at lunch, recess, recreation, or other after-school programs.

It is strongly recommended the training not exceed 25 children and is 1.5-2.0 hours long depending on the needs of the group to be trained. The program is designed to be very flexible and can be used to train children ages 8 and up for school, after-school, recreational programs, YMCAs, churches, temples and so much more. The cost is $200.00 per training for 25 children but prices may vary depending on travel time. Bringing the training to your school or community is a great first step in starting to create a more inclusive culture and invest in future generations!

If you are interested in scheduling a mentor training or receiving more information about them contact