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Soccer (Ages 3-8)

soccer_jordanDoes your child struggle with self confidence? Does the idea of a wide open field and a team stocked with competitive, experienced players intimidate your child? Pathways sports teams are here to lend a hand!

This inclusive program is rooted in teaching young children the basic foundations of a variety of sports. Pathways runs through the skills specific to each sport. The children have the support of mentors, as well as patient and knowledgeable instructors to guide them. The program also introduces students to the dynamics of a team, enabling them to practice social skills such as taking turns, cheering on fellow players, and practicing important safety precautions.

The goal of this program is that by the end of the six weeks, children will be able to participate in games appropriate to their skill and confidence level. Pathways sports teams also play an important role for the player who would like a segue into more competitive teams or who just wants to have fun in a social, inclusive, and empowering environment.

The coach for this season is Fernando Iamurri who has been with Pathways coaching soccer for 13 years! He is a tremendously encouraging and fun loving coach that the kids have adored!

Please Note: the Oct 8th practice location TBA due to a town wide soccer tournament Camp Dawson is not available.

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Times & Location
Days: Sun - Sept 17, 24; Oct 1, 8, 15 & 22
Days Off: None. Oct 8th practice location TBA - there is a town wide soccer tournament
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Location: Camp Dawson Practice field, 80 Jacksonville Rd, Towaco, NJ
Price: $77.25

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