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Does your child like to sing, play a musical instrument, or dream about being on stage? Pathways Rock Band is inclusive and provides a great outlet for your child to explore their inherent creativity and experience the magic of music.

This program is for children especially interested in learning about the hard work and dedication that goes into performing in a rock band, whether this be in the form of practicing at home, packing up and transporting equipment, marketing a gig, and filming music videos. They will have the opportunity to sing, harmonize, and learn lyrics and music.

The Rock Band also helps children by indirectly enhancing their literacy and social skills, reading comprehension, listening and following directions, language, and enunciation. Throughout the year, students will prepare for performances on stage in front of large audiences, as well as sometimes take road trips to schools and other venues for events. They will have the opportunity to interact, sing, and dance with diverse students from places around New Jersey!

In addition, they will have plenty of chances to record their music and work toward the production of music videos or trailers for concerts. Pathways Rock Band makes its own DVD of their annual concert where 500 tickets are sold! Children are encouraged to attend all practices and to rehearse their parts at home for maximum learning and success.

Students that do not want to play directly in the band will be given the opportunity to play a very important part in stage preparation, mixing music on industry standard mixers and recording devices, as well as manipulate lighting at times during concerts.

The Pathways Rock Band has an application process all children must go through. Please fill out the application if you are interested in the program and we will get back to you to set up an interview and audition. Attendance at practices is mandatory and a long term commitment is required.

Watch our Rock Band video to learn more!

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Times & Location
Days: The rock band is taking applications for the Fall 2017!
Days Off: None
Time: If you are interested in this program for the fall email:
Location: Montville Reformed Church Annex, 9 Church Lane, Montville, NJ
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*Please have your child write a short paragraph or recite it with assistance describing him or herself. Include why they want to be a part of the rock band and what role they would like to play. Have them write about the type of music they like, if they like to sing or play an instrument.

Once we receive your application, we will set up an interview with you and your child to go over the rock band program in more detail. The rock band requires good attendance, punctuality, professionalism, and team work in order to achieve our objectives of concerts and other performances.