Pathways for Businesses

forbusiness-cookingBusinesses play an invaluable role in Pathways’ success. They have the opportunity to serve as sponsors of events and programs, offering support for Pathways to develop programs that enable students with disabilities to follow their passions. Sponsorship helps students set up their own entrepreneurship where they become empowered to develop their talents into a profit making venture. In addition, businesses who would like to take it a step forward and take on more of a hands-on role in inspiring and improving the lives of children with disabilities can employ or offer apprenticeships to a Pathways student.

Businesses symbolize the future for Pathways, a new beginning for their students, and a brighter outlook on the lives of students with disabilities. You play an integral role in helping the organization prepare their students for the responsibilities of the workforce and their role in making a business successful. The relationships that Pathways develops with businesses is truly integral to the organization’s success, and proves mutually beneficial as the company gains attention as a very inclusive and inspiring firm and Pathways has greater opportunities to prepare their students for a successful and fulfilled future in the workforce.

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