About the Mentor Program

Welcome to our Mentor Program!

Pathways runs all of our classes using a children teaching children model. Children learn best from their peers and are more motivated to imitate and be like them. Pathways’ mentors put in over 3,400 community service hours each year teaching and volunteering their time. They play a key role in the progress our children make in our programs and toward the achievement of their goals and future success. We have posted the information you will need to get started mentoring below. This will provide you with important details you’ll need.


Why does Pathways Require the Mentor Training?

Mentors are required to take our mentor training to give them the basics in knowledge, strategies, and empathy they will need to help the variety of children that come into our programs. The training is two hours long and provides an interactive and hands on experience they will need to be a more effective mentor. It also gives the children a platform where they can ask questions and alleviate fears or the “unknowns” they may feel before they walk into our programs. Mentors report that the training definitely increases their confidence and gives them the basics to jump start into success.

Can I be a Mentor if I Live Outside of Montville Township, New Jersey?

Absolutely! We welcome children from everywhere to be mentors. You also do not have to sign up for every date and time listed for a program. You can email us and tell us the dates you can come for any of the programs or activities.

How Does Mentoring Help Me?

Mentoring gives children an opportunity to explore a passion they may have and gives them an arena to teach it to others. The most wonderful outcome we see in mentoring is that “ahha” moment where a mentor finally teaches a child to reach a certain level of success. The mentor leaves that day understanding the value they have added and the significance they have brought to someone else’s life.

What Can I Learn From Mentoring?

Mentors will learn to creatively problem solve. Each time a mentor comes they will may need to modify, teach, or communicate differently for a child that does not learn or see the world in the same way they do. For example, one day a skill such as “sharing” will be the goal of a class. Even though the skill being taught is the same for each child, each child learns differently. The mentor has to figure out the best way to break down that skill into smaller components and then to teach it in a way that child can understand and grasp it. The greatest thing about kids is they tend to do this quite naturally and are not afraid to be creative and think outside the box in order to get the job done! That is why we use the “children teaching children” model!

Do I have to be an Expert in a Program Topic to Mentor?

Absolutely not! Sometimes the best mentors we have are not the experts but the ones that take the complex and make it simple. It does not take expertise in any given area but a heart to teach and the enthusiasm to keep the child they are mentoring trying! The mentors should pick a program in the newsletter they like and get started! Once they gain a little experience, we encourage them to take the lead and expand the programs we have or develop other new programs. We also offer ways mentors can grow within Pathways by supplying employment such as job coach opportunities, internships, and independent study programs. They can join Leadership L.I.V.E where they can become the decision makers for Pathways. Bottom line, Pathways really encourages children of all abilities, including mentors, to take the initiative and responsibility to design their own pathway for growth and success.

Will Mentoring Teach Me to be a Better Leader and Role Model?

Mentors in our programs understand quickly how important it is to be a role model and the responsibility that comes with it. The children they mentor imitate what they do both good and bad. So they are constantly reminded by the behavior of the children they mentor, how powerful imitation and being a good role model is.

Do Mentors get Community Service Hours?

Yes they do. Each time a mentor comes to a program they must see the instructor and check the attendance sign in sheet. These hours are tallied throughout the year for each mentor. At the end of the year, Pathways has a spring dance where mentors are recognized and receive a certificate of their hours for the year. The certificate will show hours of community service from June 1 to May 31 each year.

Most Importantly, Mentoring is FUN!

The programs in Pathways are child directed. We have learned if they are not fun and engaging children will not grow and learn. We love the ideas all the children give us to improve and grow our programs. They are the reason we are here and why we are so successful.

Mentor Training

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