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NEW – Mini Camp Life and Social Skills (Ages 15-21)

One of the most important things a child should be consistently striving toward is greater independence. Students with special needs must begin preparing early for self sufficiency and continuously working to improve their social skills.

This program serves as a stepping stone for students to explore their role in the community, as well as various social expectations. The class over the next five weeks will focus on cooking, kitchen safety, money management, and using appropriate social skills in a variety of settings. High School mentors will be at every class.

Parents will also be instructed to practice and reinforce these skills at home. Parents play a critical role by repeating and practicing these skills in helping their children strive toward their end goal of independence.

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The class instructor will be Roseanne Freykar who is a certified special education teacher. Mrs. Freykar has also taught at the Lazar Middle School in the Life Skills class. She teaches all subjects while infusing technology and social skills into daily lessons. She was voted “Teacher of the Year 2017” at Lazar Middle School. She keeps expectations high but makes sure she adds the fun and support children need to every class!

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Times & Location
Days: Tues & Thurs - July 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27 & Aug 1, 3 & 8th
Days Off: None
Time: 4:30PM - 5:30 PM - both days
Location: Montville Reformed Church Annex, 9 Church Lane, Montville, NJ
Price: $204.00

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