Youth Employment Opportunities

Project Win Win Job Coaches

emma_teachingPathways has a job training program that we offer children with special needs called Project Win Win. The children with special needs have many career tracks they can choose from. They can pick from retail career tracks that train them to work in clothing, department, and grocery stores. They can select from entrepreneurship programs such as video production, photography, and disc jockeying. All of these positions give young adults with special needs the option of exploring their passions and training for careers they are interested in. In order to help train these children, we need age appropriate peers to act as job coaches to mentor them.

As a paid job coach that will mentor these children, you will gain experience working with a variety of technologies, creating innovative learning environments, making modifications, having patience in stressful situations, and learning the power of inclusion. You will also train to work under the guidance of teachers and trained professionals in both classroom settings and also on-site at actual businesses. Job coaches not only teach children but gain valuable experience in the work environment as well. We can adjust your work schedule to work around seasonal sports or activities.

Fill out a job coach application below to start your journey and we will contact you to set up an interview!