Children’s Program Overview

Welcome to Pathways’ programs!

Pathways provides programs for children of all abilities where they can develop skills, independence, and self confidence in inclusive settings. Whatever the need of a child might be, we try to modify and provide the support to maximize their individual potential. Our programs provide early intervention for children starting at the age of 3. Pathways offers a variety of programs that provide a continuum of support to children and families up to age 21. Below is all the information you will need to get started.


What Programs does Pathways Offer?

Pathways has developed a continuum of over 30 programs. These programs are updated every 4- 6 weeks and are implemented in school and community settings throughout the year. The schedule provides a list of programs currently being offered by age levels, dates and times, and registration options. below tells you how to get more information about our employment training programs for children ages 13-21 that are not listed in the sports and recreation area.

How do I Register?

There are several ways you can register:
a) Register online through our website.
b) You can also pick up registration flyers. Fill out the flyers and either drop them by Montville Recreation in their yellow drop box located in the parking lot or mail them directly to the recreation department located at 195 Changebridge Rd., Montville, NJ 07045.
c) Lastly you can go to Montville Township Recreation between 8:30am and 4:30pm and register personally. Flyers from our programs can be found on the counters at the recreation department in the Municipal Building (address listed above.)

How Can I Apply to Project Win Win Employment Training Program?

Pathways has a very innovative and unique program called Project Win Win. This program provides intensive employment training programs for children 13-21 years of age. The program is housed in our facility located in Montville, New Jersey. There is an application process to get into this program. To find out more about Project Win Win click here.

Are Pathways Programs Inclusive?

The programs run by Pathways are inclusive of children of all ability levels. Our programs use a “children teaching children” or mentor model where program participants learn together under the facilitation of adults.

Do I have to be a Resident of Montville Township to Register?

You do not have to be a resident of Montville Township to register. All children ages 3-21 are welcome.

Does my Child have to have a Disability to Register?

Children do not have to have a disability to register. Our programs include children of all abilities.

How do I get on an Email List to Receive Program Schedules and Updates?

Go to the footer area below on this page and input your name and email information. We will automatically send you updates and links to program schedules as they become available.

Can My Child Participate in the Programs and Eventually Become a Mentor?

As the children participate in the programs and develop the maturity and abilities, we automatically give them more responsibility in the programs. Some children have become mentors, paid job coaches, and completed internships and independent studies in our company and programs. Some children have strengths in certain areas of a program. The student can help to teach in the area of their expertise to the rest of the students. We are very flexible in our approach and constantly are teaching children how to lead themselves and help others along the way.

How can I Start Programs like this in My Own Community?

Contact Melinda Jennis at for more information.

How do I Begin to Register My Child?

Visit the Children’s Program Schedule to learn more about each program currently offered. You can visit the Register for Programs page to complete your registration for individual programs. in the navigation menu above . If you are interested in finding out more about the Project Win-Win employment program click here or how to become a mentor for our programs click here.

Register Today!

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