Learn more about guiding principles and values of Pathways for Exceptional Children below.

Mission & Vision


Using a children-teaching-children model, we empower children and young adults to find their passions and maximize their potential. Our programs equip students of all abilities ages 3-21 and their families with the knowledge, attitude, and skills to become independent and included in their schools, communities, and the workforce.


To overcome society’s limiting perception and low expectation of children with special needs and create a future for children of all abilities where they are included, valued, and empowered to redefine the world.


soccer1. The Importance of Community and Inclusion:

It is essential that students of all abilities develop a sense of belonging and a strong foundation of value and self worth. We are committed to training and showing schools, communities, and the workforce how vital inclusion is and how diversity can empower everyone.

2. Discovering Passions and Realizing Strengths:

It is our goal to help youth ages 3-21 to discover their passions and focus on their strengths, giving them every opportunity to build the skills necessary to not only achieve success, but also find personal fulfillment. We are challenging students to go beyond what is expected and become exceptional.

3. Children Teaching Children:

Pathways has adopted the “children-teaching-children” mentoring model as one of our biggest priorities. If a child or young adult is passionate about something and is inspired to teach and mentor another child, the value given to both is priceless.

4. Providing Intensive Early Intervention and a Continuum of Services:

Students with special needs require consistent and frequent support in a variety of inclusive settings in order to reach their maximum potential. Pathways is devoted to providing a range of innovative programs that begin engaging children as young as the age of three and continue into early adulthood.

5. Creating a Spirit of Collaboration, Innovation, and Leadership

Pathways actively seeks to build partnerships and to collaboratively invest in initiatives that are designed to produce positive and measurable outcomes aimed at helping all children lead themselves and others toward success. We are particularly passionate about investing in programs and ideas initiated, owned, and led by children and young adults.